Clever Claw

The unique and patented stainless steel spring mechanism rotates the claw arm round 180 degrees in a split second meaning you can get the pole or rod in your control instantly.

Made from non-perishable and extremely strong nylon polymer results in being unbreakable under normal fishing use. The Vee shaped arm forms two contact points spreading the load, giving extremely good stability even in windy conditions.

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“This will give many pole anglers the edge over the opposition “ says Bob Nudd

In short – How it works

Let the pole butt rise up onto the underside of the engaged claw arm. The upward pressure of the pole keeps the four teeth locked leaving you totally ‘hands free’.

When you want to release your pole simply push down on the butt and a stainless steel spring pushes the claw apart and round leaving the pole completely free.

  • Fish a long heavy pole all day with ease.
  • Feed regularly with ease and more accuracy.
  • Brings you closer to the competition.
  • Hands free so can carry out many other tasks.
  • Strike with the knee if hands occupied.
  • Quick and Easy to adjust when changing swims or positions.
  • Can be fished with extra pole out of the back of the claw.
  • Reduces fatigue and lower back injures in long pole anglers.